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Title 24 Compliance Report Service

Title 24 Reports CF-1R

We specialize in Title 24 energy compliance and provide a Compliance Certificates for:

Residential new construction [ CF-1R, Mandadory-2013]
• Residential additions/remodels [ CF-1R, Mandadory-2013]
• Non-Residential new construction [ ENV, LTG, MCH, etc.]
• Non-Residential additions/remodels [ ENV, LTG, MCH, etc. ]
• HVAC Load Calculations [ ASHRAE calculation method ]


What we will need for residential projects:

• Floor plan (Existing and Addition for additions/remodels) with Walls, Windows and Doors dimensions
• Orientation of Building (north arrow)
• Elevation Views
• Floor: Raised Crawlspace or Raised No Crawlspace (<18” above grade) or Slab-on-grade
• Project name and address
• Project designer name, address, phone (can be owner)
• Heating and Cooling Equipment Type (optional if existing)
• Hot Water System Type (optional if existing)

Sending your Plans:

1. Simply attach your drawings to e-mail. We accept AutoCad (DWG), DXF, PDF, compressed files (zip, rar).
Please, don't forget to show all all existing, removed, altered and new Walls, Windows and Doors dimensions on plan, especially if it's in PDF format.

2. We'll email you an Invoice and Payment request after receiving your project


Energy Compliance Report will be emailed to you within 24 business hours


What you will get:

You'll receive forms [ in PDF and TIF formats ]:

• CF-1R
• Mandadory-2013
• ENV, LTG, MCH, etc.
• HVAC Load Calculations *

* HVAC Load Calculations is a heating and cooling loads summary, calculated using the ASHRAE method. Its useful for sizing HVAC equipment and required for any new HVAC system

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